Chef TV

The Chef TV Crew

Executive Producer
Myrna Segismundo


Michelle Rivera

Production Designer / Food Stylist
Raul Ramos

Recipe Development
Myrna Segismundo
Jill Sandique
Raul Ramos

Production Managers
Mira Angeles
Barbie Lara

Assistant Production Coordinator
Leah Bellin

Hair and Make-up

Restaurant 9501

The TEAM of TV Food Chefs, Inc. 

Myrna Segismundo Managing Director
Office / Accounting  
Raul Ramos
Ruth Padilla
Leah Bellin
Neris Alcala
Gina Mariano
Mira Angeles
Marlon Ramos
Leony Cruz
Adrian, Dale, Olive and Marivic
Director for Operations
Operations Manager
Administration Head
Banquet Head
Marketing and Promotions Officer
Purchasing Officer
Chef Miguel Yadao
Chef Wilson Bongot
Chef Boy Salunga
Chef Tommy Catamin
Chef Ermil Fernandez
Ed, Louie, Philip
Executive Chef
Lauro Maligat
Me Anne Dela Cruz
Marcel Piñol
Jay, Mike, JM, Robert, Jojo, Edwin, Alvin, Jason
Head Waiter

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got to see your shows and congrats!!! see you guys around

henry f. canoy
hfcuisine enterprises
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personal chef services

Comment by HENRY F. CANOY

Your show is quite entertaining! I would like to find out the contact number of the supplier of the glassware you featured in your episode “De Numero”.

Hope to hear from you.

Comment by Annette Consunji

Hi Annette,

We’ll forward your email to Mr. Bobby Castillo so he can contact you.

Chef TV

Comment by cheftv

Was your show aired today(July 04)? I just wonder because I have waited for your show but to my surprise, it featured the haunted restaurants…Thanks..

Comment by Jesuit Paul Nugas

what happened to your show? I’ve been trying to catch it since last wed…did you change airing day and time? I look forward to watching your show. Hope you guys come back.

Comment by camille

when i paid for the first season of chef-tv on-line on i didn’t know i was paying for a tv show that talks majority of the show. this show is alright, but needs to trim a few things to get better. viewers get a wrong impression from the title of the show, thinking it is mainly about cooking. instead it is a mixture of sorts; talk shows, talking, cooking, more talking, bad camera angles on cooking demo, more talking, and so on. what kills me is that the last episode that i watched “wedding (episode 3)”. after being so bored of watching the beginning of the show. i ended up ironing my clothes waiting for the cooking basics to finally show up. that was about 17 minutes of a lot of talking. could the viewers just get what they pay for, a cooking show. you know a cooking show that filipinos can not also get good ideas of cooking but more “how to cook” episodes. just way to much talking. trim it up a bit and i think you will have a wonderful filipino tv cooking show. otherwise viewers just start getting annoyed, it is what it is….

Comment by Robert

what happend to your show? is it still on air? and i do agree that some of your episodes are boring already, the first few ones were great, but the succeeding ones, especially the wedding episode was really boring..

Comment by charley

hi! your show is great!

can you have a show about baking turkey and making gravy? i plan to have it this christmas.
thanks and God bless!

Comment by joejoe

hi! i subscribed to the your show through abscbn now. it’s a good mix of international and local cuisines and i hope you’ll continue with this format. as much as we all know how to cook our favorite filipino dishes, it wouldn’t hurt to update our recipes and learn better presentation. i know we all want the international community to appreciate our food and rightfully so because i think filipino food is not only pleasing to the palate but very practical as well.
keep on cheftv!

Comment by cookitslow

Cant wait to try your recipes for the holidays. They look so easy but classy! Ü

Comment by Apple cruz

I love your show, except that maybe turn down the background music a little bit and make the microphone of the hosts a little louder.

Comment by Arlene Visser

I love your show. I’ve ordered all the episodes for Season 1 in ABS-CBN Now (I live in the US) and burned them to a disk so I can have it in our server at home and in my Ipod for reference. It would be nice if you could come out with a DVD on your episodes. My sisters back home were all surprised that I’ve been more up todate with this show than them considering they live in Manila 🙂 I even subscribe in FOOD magazine here! Love the magazine! Ms. Segismundo, I have your books. My loving Ate sent me a few years back your book about parties, which I use whenever I want to impress my guests and even had to order the latest (Filipino Dishes). I hope Ms. Sandique gives out her famous Sansrival recipe and her cakes too. Wish you could also come up with Native puto..the authentic ones, like Puto Binan, Puto Marikina and not the one used with flour. This would really be great for people living outside Manila since I know you have large audience here too because of ABS-CBN Now. I wish she can have segments on cake/pastry making. When is Season 2 coming out? Hope it comes out soon 🙂

Comment by Maite Ocampo

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