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Chef TV launches this May
April 30, 2007, 8:12 am
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The show is Chef TV and the subtitle is “The Food Show”. That’s to emphasize that the program as not just a cooking show but also explores the many aspects of the food industry. It includes segments that puts cuisine in a historical and cultural context, visits places where one can buy ingredients, discusses etiquette on the table and explores scientific explanations for the way ingredients react.

Myrna Segismundo with co-hosts Jill Sandique and Micky Fenix

Hosts of Chef TV: The Food Show are Myrna Segismundo, Jill Sandique and Michaela Fenix. Each one tackles different segments in the show with the other two joining in for support or to give added information. Their rapport is largely due to their similar interests (food) and their friendship.


Myrna Segismundo is the director of Restaurant 9501, the corporate dining outlet of ABS CBN. She is a food writer and the producer of this television show. She has years of experience and expertise in the culinary field, served as officer of the Hotel and Restaurant Association of the Philippines, was manager of a group of chefs who competed in several culinary competitions both here and abroad. She imparts all that in the program’s interviews, information segments and cooking demonstrations.


Jill Sandique is a chef consultant to several food companies, is the program director and lead trainer of the US Demonstration Kitchen and Learning Facility of the US Department of Agriculture in the Philippines. She also owns her own pastry shop, Delize. She conducts most of the Cooking Basics segment of the show which includes her vast knowledge of cooking chemistry.


Michaela Fenix is a food writer and so also serves as the scriptwriter of the show. She writes a column, “Country Cooking,” for the Philippine Daily Inquirer, edits cookbooks, is contributing writer to several food books and magazines and researches on regional as well as foreign cuisines. She provides most of the historical and cultural notes on the cooking, the ingredients used and the practices.


Chef TV will be aired on the Lifestyle Channel starting May 30 at 6 p.m. and every Wednesday until August. Its season of 13 episodes will be aired weekly with replays on Saturdays at 4:30 p.m. Some of those episodes tackle a picnic, formal dining, apartment entertaining, classic cuisine and putting the Filipino menu on the map.


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Congratulations Ladies !
I am sure than now (and at last) the Philippines will have an excellent food channel which will be very interesting, full of tips and infos and most importantly professionnally run.
Long life to ChefTV and I will be watching on May 30

Comment by JP MIGNE

Im very excited for the new show..This is one of the major breakthroughs of the Filipino Culinary Industry. Im very excited to see Chef Jill on TV.I always consider her as one of the best instructor I ever had. She has been one of my greatest influences with my baking skills. She’s one the great treasure of this industry. =) Mabuhay and Congratulations to Chef TV.

Comment by Jesuit Paul Nugas

Hi Paul,

Thank you for your kind remark! Where are you now?

Comment by Jill

Saw the trailer this morning on tv – will surely watch your first episode. Congratulations to you all, with your dedication and passion in your line of work, am sure the show will last for a long, long time…Warm regards

Comment by Dorothy Ferreria

i watched your pilot show last night and i enjoyed every part of it. Its good to know that we can produce cooking shows such as these which not only motivates us more to cook but also provides information about the culture and the food where it originated from. I am also happy with the way it is presented with such style and class. I surely recommend it! I’ll be watching every episode from now on! More power to the show!

Comment by charley

Chef Jill gave an inspirational talk with our Culinary Arts class here in the Univ. of San Agustin in Iloilo City. She is so charming, beautiful and down to earth. Her life story inspired me so much. Thank you Chef Jill. More success to your tv show.

Comment by anne

Hi Chef Jill! I’m still in Tacloban. I was expecting my embassy interview last year but unfortunately, retrogression came up. Currently, I am waiting for it to be lifted up and have my embassy interview soon.

By the way, I love the format of your show. Its very natural and very spontaneous. I’ll always watch it every wednesday. Good Luck Chef Jill and best regards to your co-hosts and staff! I hope to see you soon.


Comment by Jesuit Paul Nugas

Hello ladies. I have just watched your Asian episode and enjoyed every minute of it. Thank you very much for showing Filipino wit, passion, and professionalism in the kitchen. I am looking forward to seeing more from you and your staff for new and wonderful shows. Congratulations and Godspeed.

Comment by Malou Y

great show,3thumbs up for all of you. i love to cook as well may i request you share with us the recipe of tiramisu and carrot cake pls.congrats

Comment by dr. vency manalo

Nice show! 🙂 More power to ChefTV!

Comment by alayguhit

Congratulations! I really enjoyed watching your show. It’s about time that Philippine TV has this kind of show. More power!

Comment by Tina

I enjoy watching the show. I like to watch cooking shows on lifestyle channel but my favorite is your show coz it features recipes with ingredients that are available in our Phil. market. I also like your show because of it’s diverse topics and the hosts are very funny.

Comment by giok

Hi, I was just wondering what happened to the show? Seems like there hasn’t been any episodes since July 4th.. is this still airing? I have also subscribed to the online service for this and would like to know if I will get my money’s worth for this. Unfortunately, it seems like online customer service is still not a priority for ABS-CBN as I still have to get a reply from 3 weeks ago! Please, please please reply. Thank you.

Comment by Tim

great show!!!!!!!!!i enjoyed watching your show!!!!!!Jill nice to see in your show ,you are great…..congrats

Comment by jean martin

i love to cook and i just tried your beer batter squid’s better than my old recipe ,it’s crispy and it taste good too…want to share this recipe with some friends here in davao..

Comment by jean martin

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